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Visionary Profile: Keith “SirKeithington” Reed, Jr.

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling randomly through my Instagram feed when I discovered fashion stylist, Keith Reed, Jr. His Instagram handle is @sirkeithington. The name caught me first. Then, the pictures. Then, his posts. It was evident that this man is a visionary. I had to talk to him, and I was delighted when he accepted. This is a visionary profile of Keith Reed, Jr.–or better yet–SirKeithington. I feel like I should greet him as, "SirKeithington, Dah-ling!" 

Q: You describe yourself as an ordinary guy with an unordinary vision. Tell me about that.

Gwen, I mean...I'm just your average Joe, a kid that lives in New Jersey. The vision and the dreams that I have are only things that I know that God can do through me. I know I wouldn't be able to accomplish any of those things that are in my mind and that I really feel in my heart without His power and control. What I mean by "ordinary"–it's because of the fact that I know they're so big, I can't do them alone. That's exactly what I feel and what I see in why I believe I'm sent here on this earth.

Q: So, tell me about A Gentleman's Journi.

A Gentleman's Journi is a personal consulting/styling services company. What we do is we save people time so they can spend time doing the things that they really love to do–like spending time with their family and their friends. And then, we save people money. Of course, that's another big thing so they can put it towards things that actually mean something in life at the end of the day for the future. And to have people looking and operating at their best. When it comes to blue collar, white collar, creative projects, music videos, photo shoots, even movies–we facilitate those services to cater toward whatever category or lifestyle that person or company needs.

Q: Have you always known that you're a visionary?

Yeah. I've known that since I was a kid. Even in preschool, I would always daydream a lot. On my progress reports, my teachers would say, "Keith. He's in the room, but he's not in the room. He's always looking up into the sky and daydreaming." Even when it comes to what my dad has been doing for 35 years. Seeing him do and travel across the world, I'm thinking in my mind, "I want to do that, but I want to do it like this and like that." I was always dreaming with the end goal in mind.

Q: So, tell me some more about the vision. What's the big picture?

The big picture, Gwen...The way that I see the company that my brother and I have been blessed with is that this isn't just a company about fashion. This company is made and designed to pour into people's lives on an internal level. In the industry, some people use fashion and clothes to cover up. It is our job, and one of our passions, to make them express through clothing who they really are. And that's not hiding anything. When it comes to digging deeper and developing that character and making sure that the inside matches the outside. That is the overall picture. When it comes to the influence that we're going to have, we are going to be all over the globe, not just via fashion, but when it comes to mentoring kids, when it comes to having different programs across the globe when we're giving clothes and giving resources to people that don't necessarily have the means to have them. We are going to be developing different relationships that puts us on different platforms that allows our light to shine on these platforms where darkness is. Being recognized as one of the most influential fashion consulting brands in the world, if not the one. It's going to be something epic that only God is going to be able to do. In a nutshell, that's it.

Q: How does attention to detail in styling parallel attention to detail in life?

It's the little things that really count and really go the long way. I'm a big, big advocate of being my best self in private so that I may be able to be the best person that I can be in public. And just the little things when it comes to doing what you're doing in private–when you wake up in the morning, what is your routine? What are the little small things that people don't necessarily notice if they don't have that eye, but they have a big impact on your life later on? When it comes to what I do when I wake up in the morning, when it comes to how often I am praying and meditating, and when it comes to being an advocate for things that I really, really am passionate about, in private–not so much on a major stage. When I translate these different things into fashion, it's the little small things like the handkerchief in your pocket, or the pin on your lapel, or the cuff on your shirt–even the cuff in your pant or the small little color in your shoe that goes with the collar of your shirt, that brings the outfit to life. Little things like that really go the long way, and they make the difference.

Q: Tell me more about the "journi". What's this visionary lifestyle like for you?

Well, it's tough! It's not easy. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes, especially when you're alone. You start to feel insecure about different things. You sometimes get distracted by other people and what they're doing and how much success they're having. Those things play a part in making you question, "Maybe I should do it this way?" That in itself, that is a job. That's an 8-hour situation all by itself. But when it comes to really locking in to–number one–who you are as a person and what you know God has put inside you, submitting to what He has for your life, and allowing Him to lead it. That definitely brings a different perspective of peace and relieves the anxiety from your shoulders at times, if not all the times. Those little small things, Gwen, they can really have a massive impact on somebody's life–or on your life, or my life as an individual, if I'm not conscious in identifying, "Why am I feeling this way?" At the end of the day, if we don't identify why we feel the way we feel, it's going to end up hurting us in the future. It may even hold us back from what we're supposed to be doing.

These questions cover only the first 12 minutes of "Visionary Profile: Keith 'SirKeithington' Reed, Jr." Click here to listen to the full interview.


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I have this unique ability to see big, giant, colossal, ridiculously huge projects–equal parts artist and architect. There is the most intense level of satisfaction as a big picture is defined and comes to life for others to understand and embrace. I'm a visionary. If there's a problem to be solved, I'm like a moth to a flame. I have to try to solve it. I'm a visionary. Whenever I'm asked, "What are you working on?" I have to giggle before I respond because I realize that if I tell the truth, most of the time it will sound preposterous. Imagine the comfort I derived from the definition of the word "visionary".
ADJECTIVE: given to or characterized by fanciful, not presently workable, or unpractical ideas, views, or schemes; NOUN: a person of unusually keen foresight; a person who is given to audacious, highly speculative, or impractical ideas or schemes; dreamer –
Ambiguity is my friend. Possibility and Purpose are her cousins. Even if you can't agree with those sentiments for yourself wholeheartedly, the Bible clearly says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish..." So, that tells me that if I am not happy with any area of life, it's because I don't have a vision for better. I like the part of the definition that says "not presently workable". Your vision, by its very nature, will not be workable this very moment. That's why it's a vision. It's a big picture.
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After working around the clock to relaunch Vivid TalkRadio and developing every imaginable asset to effectively plan and publish the content necessary to also launch Vivid Magazine and Vivid TalkLIVE, I have to ask myself, "Why is it that the most important things for us to do are the hardest to complete?" Of all the hats that entrepreneurs wear, the hardest may just be writer–even for writers. It's true for me, and it's worse for my clients. I've been actively seeking tools to help me help myself and my clients for five years. I'm kind of embarrassed to discover that I was first introduced to Coschedule almost a year ago (yikes), and it was a first meeting that made my heart sing. As an agency owner, I have a list of marketing projects and social media accounts that is daunting to say the least. I am the first to recommend that one of my enterprising friends writes a blog. Advice abounds as my inner Coach rises up to save the day, yet getting beyond the stops and starts of my own blogging cycle has been nearly impossible. The search for a content calendar has been a 5-year journey that always led me back to Google Calendar. At least I could get a digital overview of what was in my head, schedule content ideas, keep a list of tasks, and share them with others. Google apps made it possible to edit from multiple devices. Perfect. Right? Not if you add all of the other programs, apps, and services I needed to keep the whole thing running.
You can find apps to help you make graphics, post automatically, and even give you analytics, but you have to do the inner, strategic work first that gives them something to build on. Click To Tweet In comes Coschedule to save the day! Only I had to lift my head up from the work. As the Process Queen, it has taken all of those twelve months to expand my circle to get to know all that Coschedule has to offer. I would love to give you a thorough, step-by-step overview or tutorial...and even a testimonial of my success using Coschedule. However, this post is mostly about what Coschedule has forced me to come to terms with. That nagging inner voice, "Gwen, you are having trouble publishing consistent content because you don't have a plan or a process." But, I have a process for everything! And planning is practically my middle name. When I looked around at my friends and my clients, I realized that we all have the same problem. Since I am surrounded by what I suspect is a disproportionate number of doers than the average person, they have formed a bit of a "focus group" for me (only because it's so much easier to analyze others, than yourself). I don't see anyone publishing consistent content. They seem to fall into two categories: 1) those that publish randomly, and 2) those who "hire" someone to do it. Now, if the stone I just threw made you holler, "Ouch," hang in there with me. Let's talk about "hiring" someone. You can't farm out your content entirely any more than you can pay someone to raise your children. Sure. You can employ someone else to help you with the mechanics of raising a child–picking them up, dropping them off, making them meals, etc. But they are no replacement for you–your heart, your soul, your values. You're the only one who can impart that. So it is with your content. You can find apps to help you make graphics, post automatically, and even give you analytics, but you have to do the inner, strategic work first that gives them something to build on. Otherwise, they might get you to the front page of Google, but when visitors click, they are introduced to someone you don't even recognize. Finding your voice. Sharing your unique message. Offering value. That's publishing content–not just for publishing's sake, but for long-term growth, development, and relationship building with your customers, clients, and audience. And what Coschedule has done for a YEAR in my inbox is coach me...not just on how to use their product, but how to get a plan and create a process. I know who I am and what I have to offer, but sharing all of that requires a foundation, a platform. Coschedule has slowly pushed its way through the crowd of tools, and I'm ready to finally master it...and myself.
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Nathan, Kat, Garrett, Julie, Ben–they've all been coaching me through their emails and demonstrating why offering consistent value matters. And even why doing it when it doesn't feel like anyone's listening matters even more. I'm the perfect example. When I began writing this post, I thought I'd been introduced to Coschedule nine months ago, only to discover that it's been almost twelve–requiring a very quick edit. (Surely, I've destroyed any sales funnel they could have created.) If every lead took this long to make a decision, most companies would be out of business. Yet, what they have done is demonstrate the power of publishing consistent, relevant, useful content. As much as I suspect I'll love Coschedule as a tool, what I appreciate even more is the instruction, the lessons, the training. When I search my email for "coschedule", the subject lines read like a master course in content publishing. I am literally going through them one at a time, searching for nuggets as I am getting started with Coschedule.

Here's my top-line list of what really did it for me.

Concepts – 10x growth, 4, 6, 12 month planning Getting Organized – Marketing projects, social media, blog posts, content marketing, podcasts, videos, and more Team Management – Contributors, contractors, and employees Templates – Social templates, posting schedules Support – Every question answered via webinar or email
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I am currently managing a dozen in-house and client brands and over 50 social accounts–posting primarily around events or account startup. Getting blog content from a client can be like pulling teeth (with the patient's mouth closed). My graphic design roots make me cringe every time I release the responsibility for managing social media to anyone else. I always regret it. So, the ability to upload images, videos, text, post concepts, project tasks, and the like to Coschedule for collaboration with the entire team is almost too good to be true. In addition to overload and the need to change my way of thinking about content, price was a factor in my procrastination. At first glance, Coschedule is more expensive than all but one of the other tools I have used. However, writing this review and referring others will reduce the cost. In fact, I have marked this as a "Sponsored Post", not because Coschedule is paying me directly, but because I will be actively involved in helping you and others purchase and master their service. It's what I do. All my friends know that when I find a tool that works, EVERYONE will know about it. I'll keep you posted on what I learn.