You have to decide to be well before your vision kills you.

Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin

You have to decide to be well before your vision kills you.


If you’re working yourself to death, you and your vision are being killed. When you die, it dies. Your purpose has been designed and assigned, and you have to be available physically, mentally, and emotionally. You have to be present for it to happen.

On Vivid TalkRadio this week, our guest, Felicia Phillips, shared the gripping story of her near-death experience with uterine fibroids after developing a habit of self-diagnosing. In the case of fibroids, it is possible that you may have a genetic predisposition. I recognize that sometimes our ignorance about our bodies and our health is just that–a lack of knowledge. You may know that there’s a problem, but not understand the full depth and breadth of that problem and what it could lead to. We in the medical community have a responsibility to ensure that we’re communicating at a level that really explains what you’re working with. Whatever the case, I want to empower you to take doctor visits to the next level for your own sake. Why not ask, “What does that mean? What could that mean? What would happen if I just take the wait-and-watch-and-see approach? What signs should I look for? Is there anything that I can do?” A lot of times you relinquish your power because you just don’t know, or you haven’t taken the time to take responsibility for your health–and then take action.

In the African-American community, fibroids are widespread–even asymptomatic fibroids (ones without symptoms). Even given that fact, we have to empower ourselves so that we’re good stewards over what God has given us. Often, fibroids will progress to symptoms–outward notifications that there is a problem. We have to make sure we don’t explain them away and dismiss them too quickly, “I just like ice.” You have to make a decision that you’re going to get to the bottom of the first signs, even talk to someone who can help you do that. We can miss an opportunity to cultivate wellness because we’re waiting on the symptoms of an illness to further manifest.

Just because your mother, sister, friend may have all had hysterectomies, realize that there was a very long process that lead to surgery. Surgery is not the only option. You can change our diet and your lifestyle. A lot of health issues you may be experiencing–whether fibroids, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin disorders–are largely preventable and oftentimes very manageable for the sake of longevity and a better quality of life. The foods that you’re eating, and I’m not even advocating that you should only eat organic or raw foods, but I do want to bring to the forefront that a lot of what you’re consuming is just poor quality foods. Many are not even food. They are food products, especially fast foods, foods that have been prepared for the shelf and in restaurants for heat and serve. They contain by-products and preservatives to improve their shelf life. The body sees these as foreign, and it’s unable to digest something that it does not recognize as consumable. So, it has to figure out what to do with it. This is how we categorize a toxin. These buzz words are out there in there air, but this gives you some context. These foreign items get into your blood systems and digestive tracts and begin to alter how your body functions. Thus, creating a dysfunction in an effort to try to process something that it does not recognize.

Do you spend more money on your car than you do on your body? Even your car gets premium gas. It boils down to priorities, education, and making a decision.

The introduction of toxins into your body can be the root of many auto-immune disorders, many inflammatory diseases–all because our bodies are trying to do something they just weren’t designed to do. Our bodies are smart. They want to work on our behalf. They want to do a good job for us, and they will continue to try to do that until they hit a wall. Let me tell you how Cancer works. We all have Cancer cells. However, there are modulators that turn them on and off. When we consume things, lead lifestyles, or are subject to stressors–whether from the environment, the products we’re using–that tell those Cancer cells to turn on. That’s what causes the overgrowth of cells that were never designed to be activated and multiplied to that degree.

The good news is that we have a say-so in a lot of what we’re experiencing in our health. We just have to gain the knowledge and then adhere to what we learn. Food is purposely being created to induce an addictive response. It’s being perpetuated, but we have to wake up. We’re so focused on what we want to do and achieve, that we’re ignoring the signs as we see them. That vision that we think we’re going after really could be influenced by other factors, like toxins that we’re putting into our bodies because we’re not slowing down and paying attention. Carrying an extra 30 pounds of weight has a profound negative impact on our brain function. So often, the investment in our health, in ourselves is absent. Studies have shown that 1 in 4 people self-diagnose, and 60% of them are wrong. We are driving around in BMWs and Land Rovers. How many people would venture a guess about that random sound or issue that is causing their engine lights to come on? Better yet, how many Mercedes do we see in the drive through at McDonald’s? Do you spend more money on your car than you do on your body? Even your car gets premium gas. It boils down to priorities, education, and making a decision.

You have to make a decision to be present and functioning and healthy and whole to actually see your vision come to pass.


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